160 Portable Elektra Hdpe Pipe Electrofusion Welding Machine 230V

Short Description:

1.  Name: Plastic pipe Electrofusion machine


3. Working range:20-160mm

4.  Absorbed power: 1300W

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Detail Information

nput Voltage: 110V-230V Current: 50/60Hz
Dimensions: 20-125/160mm Maximum Output Corrent: 60A
Eletrical Couplers Brands: Akatherm-Euro, Geberit,Valsir,Coes,Waviduo Weight Machine: 7kg

Product Description

20-160mm HDPE PP Pipe The Lightweight Portable Elektra Light Electrofusion Welding Machine


Electrofusion Welding Machine-Electra light Description
ELEKTRA LIGHT is an universal electrofusion machine, suitable for welding pipe/fittings for the transport of gas water and for welding fire sprinkler system(HDPE, PP, PP-R couplings from 8 to 48 V). The Elektra Light machine is made in compliance with international standards. This is welding machine’s structure is light weight, so it is extremely easy to carry around. It is available in two versions: with or without laser scanner.
Composed of:machinebody, an in built memory with 350 welding cycles, featuring the possibility of transferring data to a Pc/Laptop
Universal adapter 0 4, 0-4, 7 mm, Trevira bag, manual scraper.
Kit for data transfer Machine to Pc/Laptop( adaptor DB9M/USB and Ritmo Transfer)

Technical Features

Working range
20-125/160mm:1/2″ IPS-10″ DIPS
Power supply
110/230V Sihgle Phase 50/60 Hz
Absorbed power
Max.output curent
60% Duty Cycle output
Memory capacity
325 report
Protection degree
IP 54
Weight machine body
7 kg (15.4lb)
Dimensions machine body
Suggested power generator for full welding range
3,5/4 kVA


Normal export packing:Inner packing is aluminum case, outside is carton





Safety Standards

  • Carefully read instructions before use.

  • WARNING! When using electric tools, follow safety standards to avoid fire and electric hazards.


  • KEEP WORKPLACE CLEAN. Untidiness on the workplace may be cause of accidents.


  • CAREFUL TO AMBIENT CONDITIONS. Do not expose electric tools or fusion machines to the rain. Do not use electric tools or fusion machines in humid places. Make sure lighting is appropriate. Do not use electric tools or fusion machines near liquids or inflammable gases.

  • PROTECT YOURSELF FROM ELECTRIC HAZARD. Avoid contact with objects connected to earth. Be careful not to touch electric cables.

  • KEEP UNAUTHORIZED PEOPLE AWAY FROM WORKPLACE. Electric tools and fusion machines can be used only by authorized people. Keep unauthorized people away from workplace.

  • KEEP ELECTRIC TOOLS AND FUSION MACHINES IN A SAFE PLACE. Electric tools, fusion machines and tools in general have to be stored in dry and safe places not reachable by unauthorized people.

  • DO NOT OVERWORK POWER TOOLS. Keep within limits given by manufacturer for the best performance, for more time and in safe conditions.

  • ALWAYS USE SPECIFIC TOOLS AND ACCESSORIES ACCORDING TO THE JOB. Always use accessories compatible with fusion machine (be careful especially with power generators, extensions for power cables, fusion cable and adapters). Let power tools to cool down after using for a long time. The use of tools or accessories different from the ones recommended by manufacturer may cause injuries to operator, affect performance of the fusion machine and other tools and void warranty.

  • DO NOT USE CABLES OF FUSION MACHINE OR OTHER TOOLS FOR INCORRECT PURPOSES. Do not use cables to move machine around or to disconnect from power outlet. Protect cables and fusion machine from warm environments and from contact with sharp objects.


  • ALWAYS USE SPECIAL ALIGNERS. Always align pipes and fittings using special aligner. This helps to perform a correct fusion and a safe job.




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