HDPE Draign Supply Pipe Electrofusion Welding Machine Universal 315 Mustang 160 HDPE Low Pressure Conduits

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1.  Name:   Spihonic Pipe Electrofusion Machine

2.  Model:  MUSTANG 160,  UNIVERSAL 315

3.  Suitalbe for low pressure conduits

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Power: 2700W Usage: Electrofusion Connection
Warranty: One Year Product Name: Low Pressure Pipe Electrofusion Machine
Eletrical Couplers Brands: Akatherm-Euro, Geberit,Valsir,Coes,Waviduo Weight Machine: 7.2kg

Product Description

Universal 315 Mustang 160 HDPE Low Pressure conduits HDPE draign Supply Pipe Welder Electrofusion Machine

Jointing by electrically induced melting is based on the Joule effect. A given quantity of current is made to pass, during a specific period, through a resistor housed in a sleeve, at the ends of wich a potential difference is applied. The heat thus produced is used for welding.Three parameters must therefore be defined for each welding job:- welding time- current intensity- voltage at sleeve ends

The Universal S 315 is a welder that uses electrically-induced melting for jointing polyethylene (PE) drain pipes and/or fittings by means of electro-weldable  polyethylene (PE) couplings. It can handle four different types of welding, depending on the type of coupling involved. The coupling is recognized by the machine by means of the cable, which is selected by the operator from among the four different-color options available.

1. Low pressure HDPE diameter 32-315 mm;
2. PP-R from 20-63 mm (optional cable)
3. Graphic display
4. Automatic identification of accessories
5. Can store 350 welding reports
6. Serial / USB connector (optional)
7. Self-compensation of the supplied current (according to ambient temperature)
8. Transport box9. Can upgrade firmware via USBStandard components include Carrying suitcase, Welding cables * (A00, A01, A02, A03, A04, A00+), Welding extension cable, Manual scraper, Shoulder beltON REQUEST (ACCESSORIES): serial/USB adapter (welding data transfer), welding cable A05

Technical Features

Materials HDPE-low pressure
Working range 20-315 mm
Power supply 230 V single phase 50/60 Hz
110 V single phase 50/60 Hz
Total abdorbed power 2470 W (230 V)
2700 W (110 V)
Outside temperature range -10° ÷ 45° C
Temperature compensation Automatic Electronic
Protection degree IP 54
Dimensions machine 255 x 180 x 110 mm (230 V)
330 x 270 x 220 mm (110 V )
Dimensions carrying case 220 x 450 x 180 mm (230 V)
410 x 290 x 485 mm (110 V)
Weight machine 3,4 Kg (230 V)
19 Kg (110 V)
Weight machine and carrying case 7,2 Kg (230 V)


You are strongly urged to comply strictly with legal requirements concerning job safety and accident prevention in the work place.

The structural features and usage of the welding equipment make it essential to pay particular attention to the following recommendations:

4.1. Ambient conditions: do not use the equipment in damp or wet environments.

4.2. Work place: make sure that the work place is inaccessible to unauthorized persons.


4.3. Operator’s presence during welding: never leave the equipment unattended during welding operations.

4.4. Cramped spaces: if it proves necessary to work in cramped spaces, it is compulsory to have a person on hand outside to help the operator in case of need.


4.5. Burning hazard: the electric melting process involves the reaching of high temperatures in the welding area. Do not touch the coupling or joint during the welding and cooling phases.

4.6. Electrical hazard: protect the equipment from rain and/or damp; use only pipes and couplings that are perfectly dry.

4.7 Use chemically inert pipes: never perform weldings on pipes that contain (or previously contained) substances which, combined with heat, can produce gases that are explosive or dangerous to human health.

4.8. Personal protection: wear insulating footwear and gloves.

4.9. Be careful with the cables: never disconnect the plug from the power socket by tugging on the power cable.


4.10. Be careful with the cables: never detach the pins from the coupling by tugging on their power cables.

4.11. Be careful with the cables: never move the equipment by dragging it along by its power cables.

4.12. Finally...: on completion of the welding operation, always remember to disconnect the plug from the mains power socket.

This welding equipment must not be used in areas where there is any risk of fire or explosion.  It is compulsory in such conditions to use specifically designed and constructed equipment.


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