TSC-90mm PE Socket Fusion Machine PPR Pipe And Fittings Connect

Short Description:

1. Name: Plastic Pipe Socket Welding Machine 
2. Working Temperature: 0-300°
3.Working range: Suitable 20-90mm
4. Function: Welding for plastic pipe
5. Material: Iron+Aluminum Heating Board
6. Usage: Heating for PPR and PE Pipe 

7. Applicable Industries: Hotels, Building Material Shops

Product Detail

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Detail Information

Model NO.: PRISMA 90 Dimension (Machine): 590*595*630mm
Power Supply: 230V Single Phase 50-60Hz Working Temperature: -5oc/+40oc
Transport Package: Wooden Box Total Power Absorbed: 1000W

Product Description

The TSC 90 is composed of a machine body featuring a selector for the welding depth of the different diameters, an ajustable clamp for locking the pipes, a self-centring clamp for locking pipes and fittings (different brands), a self-centring socket welder with electronic temperature control, a device for the maximum heating depth, three machine supporting legs, a tripod to support the pipe, a self sockets and spigots for socket fusion from 20mm to 90mm with steel case, and a set of centering and spigots in Aluminum, useful for realigning the pipe locking clamp with respect to the self-centering one.

Standard Composition

1)Machine body complete with an electronic socket welder, fittings support and a “V” shaped pipe support2)Machine support (composed of 3 legs)3)Steel case complete with sockets & spigots from 20 to 90 mm, centering devices from 20mm to 90 mm, clamp adapters from 20mm to 75mm, and tool kit4)Pipe support trpod

Technial Feature

Working Range 20-90mm
Welding Material PE, PP, PP-R, PB, PVDF
Dimension (machine) 590*595*630mm
Machine Weight 54kg
Power Supply 230V single phase 50-60Hz
Total power absorbed 1000W
Working Temperature -5ºC/+40ºC



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