Poly Pipe Socket Fusion Machine Handle Small PPR Welding Machine

Short Description:

1. Name: Plastic Pipe Manual Socket Welding Machine
2. Working Temperature: 0-300°
3.Working range: Suitable 20-63mm
4. Function: Welding for plastic pipe
5. Material: Iron+Aluminum Heating Board
6. Usage: Heating for PPR and PE Pipe 

7. Applicable Industries: Hotels, Building Material Shops, Machinery Repair Shops, Manufa

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Basic Information

Model NO.: R 63mm Max Diameter: 63mm
Absorbed Power: 800W Dimension: 175*50*360mm
Working Temperature: Tfe:260oc(+/-10oc);Te:180oc~290oc Transport Package: Plastic Box

Product Description


Manual soket welders for jointing pipe and fittings, in compliance with the standars in force. They feature an aluminum heating plate and a practial, heating-insulated plastic handle. They can weld HDPE, PP, PPR, PVDF pipes and fititngs, and they’re characteerized by different shaps and working ranges, suitable for different applications. They’re available with an adjustable eletronic themmoregulator(TE), or with a fixed electronic thermostat(TFE).

Details of PPR welding machine


Material PE, PP, PP-R, PVDF
Max Diameter 63mm
Absorbed Power 800W
Weight 1.82 kg
Dimension 175*50*360mm
Working temperature TFE:260ºC(+/-10ºC);TE:180ºC~290ºC
Ambient temperature -5~40ºC
Power supply TE:230V-Single phase 50/60Hz;TFE:110~230V Single phase 50/60 Hz


4.1.  Check that the mains voltage is the same as

the voltage stated on the socket  fusion welding

machine plate.




    a                b           

a) Fork.Suitable for welding on the floor.

b) Bench bracket. For bench work.

c) Platform. An alternative to the fork.


4.3. Fit  the socket  fusion welding machine to the

chosen device.

4.4. Fit the M/F bushes according to requirements.

N.B.:  The  surface  of  the  bush  in  contact  with  the welding machine must be kept clean at all times.


4.5.  Clamp the bushes tightly to the Socket  fusion welding machine (using a wrench) to obtain the necessary heat exchange for the temperature

required for the bushes

A: Hexagonal wrench

B: Pin unit for bushes

4.6. Plug into the mains

4.6.1. TE MODELS



Show  LO v after power onAfter 10-20 minutes, the heating plate starts to show the temperature, reaching the set temperature and then stabilizingPress the set keyto enter the tempering mode and set the temperature according to the + -.Press -  to switch mode.


4.7.  10 - 15 minutes  after the socket  fusion welding machine   is switched on ( or in any case when it has reached operating temperature).

All plastic welding machines supplied are set to a bush temperature of about 260° C.

Check that the edge of the  bush is as specified by the manufacturer of the pipe to be welded.Use a

digital  thermometer


Precision temperature adjustment  between 180° C

and 290° C is possible. Use a digital thermometer

to measure even slight variations







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