Low Power Manual Butt Fusion Machine For Small HDPE Pipe Size

Short Description:

1. Manual  butt fusion welder

2. Working range : 40-160mm

3.  160S( two clamps)

4.  Light and cheap

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Basic Information

Model   160S
Working Range(mm) 40-160mm
Rated voltage 220VAC- 50/60HZ
Heating plate rated power 800W
Milling cutter rated power 800W
Rated power 1600W
Working temperature 180-280℃
Material PE,PP,PB,PVDF
Outside temperature ﹣5-40℃

Product Description

160S is a manual butt fusion welder for pipes to dn160mm. Leading particulars are the restricted weight ,minimum overall dimensions and versatity. Featuring : a machine body, two clamps, an extractable electric miling cutter provided with a safety micro-swich, an extractable heaitn plate, and two lateal supports on question. 160S have a locing device clamps that helps the operator to apply the neccessary weling force. The Digital is a high precision electronic thermoregulator with digital display and regulating buttons. The new systmen includes led indicators to check if the machine is working normally contingent prboe’s failures and /or temperature anomlies.


1. Standard Composition: Heating plate with digital electronic temperature control

2. Milling cutter

3. Suppot

4. Machine body

5.63-160 clamp

6. Tool bag

Standard clamps: 63/90/110/160

On request clamps:40/50/75/125/140



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