Large Size 1200 mm Pipe Fittings Hydraulic Welding Machine One Year Warranty

Short Description:

1. Butt Fusion Welding Machine

2. ZYR500 (315-500mm)

3. ZYR630(400-630mm)

4. ZYR800(630-800mm)

5. ZYR1000(800-1000mm)

6. ZYR1200(1000-1200mm)

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Input Voltage: 380VAC Working Range: 315-500/400-630/710-800/800-100/1000-1200mm
Usage: Large Size Pipe Welding Materials: HDPE,PP,PB,PVDF
Package Type: Packing In One Plywood Case. The Dimension(W*D*H):120*100*87cm N.W:250kg G.W:290kg Max Pressure: 6MP

Product Description

1. The hydraulic system is made of imported control valve and seals. The oil seals are well controlled and have a long life.
2. The heating plate is made of imported DuPont Teflon coating and coated by the standard coating process of professional paint factory. The effect is good and the service life is long.
3. Temperature sensing system, accurate temperature control and long service life.
4. The milling cutter has a safety micro switch to prevent accidents.
5. Single clamp, accurate processing size, can effectively reduce the time of pipeline routing, improve work efficiency or welding efficiency.
6. Equipped with a crane for welding large pipe or pipe fittings
Standard composition:

1.Machine body

2.Milling cutter

3.Heating plate

4.Hydraulic control unit


6.Multilayer stacking clamps


Model ZYR-500 ZYR-630 ZYR-800 ZYR-1000 ZYR-1200
Working Range(mm) 315-500mm 400-630mm 710-800mm 800-1000mm 1000-1200mm
Rated voltage 380VAC- 50/60HZ
Weight 520kg 753kg 2600kg 2680kg 2780kg
Rated power 3550W 4950W 8850W
Max Pressure 6MP
Material PE,PP,PB,PVDF
Hydraulic oil 46#
Rated power 9.5kw 12.95kw 18.2kw



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