HDPE Plastic 1200mm / 1600mm Pipe Welding Machine With Crane

Short Description:

1. Butt Welding Machine.

2. CRDH1200(800,900, 1000,110,120)

3. CRHD1600(1200,1400,1600)

4. Connecting PE, PP, PVDF Pipes and fittings

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Basic Information

Condition: New Working Range: 800-1200/1200-1600
Usage: Pipe Fittings Welding Warranty: 1 Year
Materials: HDPE,PP,PVDF The Heating Plate Temperature: 170-250(±5℃)MAX270℃

Product Description


Electric Cutter 1200MM / 1600MM Pipe Welding Machine With Crane

1200MM / 1600MM Pipe Welding Machine Description

This is a self-aligning welding machine with hydraulic clamps suitable for welding HDPE pipes for the transport of water and other fluids under pressure, up to DN1600mm.

The CRDH 1600 is designed in accordance to international standards(UNI10565,ISO12176-1). The CRDH1600 can weld fitings such as elbows,tees, branches and flange necks.


Model CRDH 1200 CRDH 1600
Range(mm) 800/900/1000/1100/1200 1200/1400/1600
Type Elbow,90 degree equal tees,cosses,Equal Branch Tee and Wye
The Heating Plate Temperature 170℃-250℃(±7℃)Max270℃ 170℃-250℃(±7℃)Max270℃
Power Supply 36.5KW 59KW
Total Weight 1800kg 2500kg
Optional Accessory Stub end holder and special inserts

Uses and Features

-Robust machine body made of steel.  The main body supportsa and centres the plastic pipes with two fixed and two movable clamps.

-Steel hydraulic clamping. The necessary electric will be transfered to the heater and milling cutter by means of this unit and to the main machine by the hydraulic pressure.

-Automotic detaching device of heating plate. The pipe ends wiil be heater before the welding process. The setting of the heater wiil be done by the thermostat on the plates. butt welding machine PTFE-coated  heating element and uniform surface temperature.

-Raised platform deck for perfect monitoring of fusion process

-Easy to operate control panel.

-The data-logging compatible

-On board hydraulic control gearcase

-Pressure adjustment and pressure release valves for easy operations

-Hydraulically controller facer with safety microswitch

-Teflon coated heating plate with indipengdent tehrmometer

-From the rack, cutter, independent heating plates and bracket-Frame made of high strength materials and structures, 45 ℃ tilt design-Electric cutter, safety limit switch to prevent accidental start-cutter


00MM / 1600MM Pipe Welding MachinePacking
CRDH 1200 Body+ Hydraulic 2970*1980*2080 12.23 1972 2368
Frame 1880*1170*2360 5.19 1107 1297
Total 17.42 3079 3665 2 cases



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