220 V / 240 V160 250 315 450 Butt Fusion Welding Machine , Plastic Hdpe Pipe Welding Machine

Short Description:

1.  Butt welding machine

2.  CRDH Series

3.  Hydraulic butt fusion

4. UNI10565, ISO12176-1

Product Detail

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Basic Information

Usage: Welding Working Range: 280-450/315-500/400-630
Power Supply: 380/415 Warranty: One Year
Port: China’s Major Port Plate Tempreture: 170-250 Celsius

Product Description

220 V / 240 V160,250,315,450 Plastic hdpe Pipe butt fusiong welding machine

This is a self-aligning welding machine with hydraulic clamps suitable for welding under-pressure pipes for water,gas and other fluids.

Built according to international standards(UNI10565,ISO12176-1).

Application to be the site,the connection groove PE,PP,PVDF pipes,fittings can also be produced in the workshop.



  1. Screw nut for clamps closure
  2. Movable carriage
  3. Lower piston rod
  4. Fixed carriage
  5. Handling points
  6. Lower jaw
  7. Upper jaw
  8. Upper piston rod

Quick-coupling connections (male/female)



1. Handgrip

2. Fork for upper piston rod

3. Fork for lower piston rod

4. Motor

5. Blade

6. Fuse carrier

7. Motor starting button




  1. Discharge pressure valve
  2. Lever for proportional distributor
  3. Maximum pressure valve
  4. Oil pressure gauge
  5. Timer
  6. Quick connector
  7. Power supply in-let
  8. handgrip
  9. Tank cap



1. Handgrip

2. Heating plate





Model CRDH 450 CRDH 500 CRDH 630
Range(mm) 280/315/355/400/450 315/355/400/450/500 400/450/500/560/630
The Heating Plate Temperature 170℃-250℃(±5℃)Max270℃ 170℃-250℃(±5℃)Max270℃ 170℃-250℃(±5℃)Max270℃
Power Supply 8.7KW 10.3KW 12.35KW
Total Weight 388kg 400kg 617kg
Optional Accessory Stub end holder,Crane and special inserts

Uses and Features

1. From the rach,cutter,electric panels and frame composition

2. Heating plate with high precision tempreture control system,Teflon coating

3. Note departments aluminum alloy frame,lightweight structures

4. Welding position can be transformed to facilitate a variety of welding pipe fittings

5. Big accurate and shockproof pressure gauge reading clearer


Instruments:Timer         Pressure gauge            Thermometer 

Make sure they are in good working condition.

Milling cutter

Make sure that it is in good working condition.

Make sure the blades are sharp enough.

Heating plate

Make sure the Teflon surface is free from damage.

Use a digital thermometer to check that the temperature reached corresponds to the temperature value set.


Test by doing experimental welding before use.


The CRDH is an on-site welding machine equipped with a heating element for butt-welding of pipes and/or fittings made of Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP) and other thermoplastic materials intended for carrying combustible gas, water and other fluids under pressure.

The CRDHcan weld PE100 with the “Dual Pressure” method.

The use of this welding machine is only allowed to trained staff having the qualifications required by the regulations in force.



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