Butt Welding Machines PE/PP/PB/PVDF Pipe Welding In Different Working Range

Short Description:

1. Plastic pipe butt fusiong welding machine

2.  ZYR-160(40-160mm)

3. ZYR250(75-250mm)

4. ZYR315(90-315mm)

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Basic Information

Product Name: Pipe Welding Machine Power: 1970W/3580W/4570W
Warranty: 1 Year Working Range: 63-160MM/90-250MM/160-315MM
Protection Level: P54 Package Type: Packing In One Plywood Case

Product Description


1. The hydraulic system is made of imported control valves and seals. The oil-way seal is well controlled and has a longer life

2. Heating plate with imported Dupont Teflon-coated by standard process of professional coating factory. The effect is good and the service life is longer

3. The temperature control system is equipment with electronic constant temperature heating and PT100 temperature sensing system, temperature control is accurate and the service life is long

4. Milling cutter has safety micro-switch to pretend accident

5. Single clamps, accurate processing size, can effectively reduce the time of pipeline alignment operation, improve the efficiency of welding



1.Screw nut for clamps closure

2.Movable carriage

3.Lower piston rod

4.Fixed carriage

5.Handling points

6.Lower jaw

7.Upper jaw

8.Upper piston rod

9.Quick-coupling connections (male/female)


  1. Plate  Power supply in-let
  2. Thermometer to control welding temperature
  3. Cable
  4. Handgrip


1. Handgrip

2. Motor starting button + Locking button

3. Handling handgrip

4. Safety microswitch case

5. Lock

6. Fork for upper piston rod

7. Blade

8. Fork for lower piston rod

9. Fuse carrier (only for 230V and 110V)

10. Power supply cable



  1. Handgrip
  2. Lever for proportional distributor
  3. Oil pressure gauge
  4. Maximum pressure valve
  5. Discharge pressure valve
  6. Tank cap
  7. Power supply in-let
  8. Timer

9.Quick connector


Technical data


Model ZYR-160DP ZYR-250DP ZYR-315DP
Working Range(mm) 63-160mm 90-250mm 160-315mm
Rated voltage 220VAC- 50/60HZ
Weight 30kg 78kg 124kg
Rated power 1970W 3580W 4570W
Dimension 600*400*410 90*845*1450 1090*995*1450
Material PE,PP,PB,PVDF
Pressure Range 0-150bar
Protection Level IP54 IP54 IP54


standard composition:Machine body, milling ter, heating plate,Hydraulic control unit, support, tool bag and 63,90,110,160,200,250,315mm clamps

On request: Clamps40,50,75,125,140,180,225,280mm clamps




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