Socket Fusion Machine CRJQ-110mm Handheld Welder For PPR Pipe Connection

Short Description:

1. Name: Plastic Pipe SocketWelding Machine
2. Working Temperature: 0-300°
3. Working range: Suitable 75-110mm
4. Function: Welding for plastic pipe
5. Material: Iron+Aluminum Heating Board
6. Usage: Heating for PPR and PE Pipe 

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Detail Information

Model: CRJQ-110MM Working Range: 75-110mm
Max Working Range: 110mm Heating Plate Temperature: 170~250℃(±5℃) MAX270℃
Delivery Time: 7 Days Use: PE, PPR

Product Description

CRJQ-110 is one of the socket welding machines. Connect the tubes together using a hot plate and a mold.

This HDPE pipe machine is suitable for pipes with a diameter of 75mm to 110mm.

Technial Feature

External diameter (mm) Melting depth (mm) Heating time (s) Processing time (s) Cooling time (min)
75 26.0 31.0 30 8 8
90 29.0 35.0 40 8 8
110 32.5 41.0 50 10 8


Uses: Suitable for PE, PPR and other pipes, pipe fittings for hot-melt socket connection.

Features: preset welding parameters, automatically select the heating time by selecting the outer diameter of the pipe. Socket welding is the most economical welding method.

Socket welding is used for applications in natural gas, pipelines, water, wastewater, industrial pipelines, mining and petroleum blocks, with simple structure, small size and easy operation.



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