Cold Water PPR Pipeline Pn 12 . 5 Low Expansion Coefficient Drinking

Short Description:

1. Name: Cold Water PPR Pipeline

2.  Specification: 20mm-160mm

3.  Color: Grey,Green,White

4 . Standard:   DIN8077-8078

5. Working Pressure: 25bar (PN25 2.5Mpa)
6. Work temperature: -20℃-110℃
7. Application: Water Delivery,Water Drainage

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Basic Information

Product Name: Cold Water PPR Pipeline Material: Ppr, 100% Virgin Material
Specification: 20-160mm Thickness: 1.9-14.6mm
Color: White/green/orange/Grey/Blue Color Port: NIngbo,Shanghai,Dalian Or As Required

Product Description

Pn 12 . 5 Low Expansion Coefficient Drinking Cold Water PPR Pipeline

According to the “Drinking Water Ordinance and many other inter-national regulations of health organisations such as the WHO, the consumption or use of water should never pose a risk to human health. Thechemical and microbiological composition of the water must be monitoredby the health authorities, but also by the facility management to ensure highdrinking water quality.

With our hygienic piping system , green pipe excellent drinking water quality can be permanently maintained. It is not only corrosion-resistantbut physiologically and microbiologically safe, and adds no odours or tasteto the water flowing through it. Its technical suitability and performance hasbeen proven worldwide for decades. A variety of 450 different pipes and fittings with dimensions from 20 to 355 mm ensures safe and easy installationPre-fabricated pipe spools are also available


Pressure Size Thickness Package
PN=1.25(Mpa) 20 1.9 320
20 2.3 200
32 3 120
40 3.7 80
50 4.6 56
63 5.8 32
75 6.9 28
90 8.2 20
110 10.3 12
160 14.6 4


1. Meet the stringent standards of drinking water in Europe and America

2. Colorless and odorless, no irritating odor when hot-melt welding

3. Good corrosion resistance, no chemical effect on all ions in the water and chemicals in the building

4. Pipe resistance is small, no scaling



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