PN6 50mm 90mm 110mm HDPE Drainage Fittings Siphon Pluvia Roof Outlet for Gutters

Short Description:

1.  Name: Roof  Outlet( Stainless Steel Water Bucket, Flat Water bucket)

2. Use:   For collecting and draining off rainwater from roofs

3.  Size: 50mm-160mm


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Basic Information

Product Name: PN6 50mm 90mm 110mm HDPE Draining Fittings Siphon   Roof  Outlet Port: China Main Port(Ningbo,Shanghai Or As Required)
Application: Syphon,Drainage,Sewage Connection: Butt fusion
Technics: Injection Certificate: ISO9001-2008, BV ,SGS, CE Etc Certification.

Product Description

PN6 50mm 90mm 110mm HDPE Draining Fittings Siphon Flat Roof Drain


CHUANGRONG HDPE siphon pipes provide a one-stop solution for drainage.

Contains HDPE siphon pipes, fittings, and metal fittings for fixing HDPE piping systems.System components of siphon HDPE pipe system, The complete proven and practical product range consists of:• Pipes• Fittings• Connections• FasteningsSiphon pipes and fittings are made of high-density polyethylene, it has significant advantages over traditional drainage systems.


CHUANGRONG HDPE siphon pipe system has excellent mechanical properties, physical properties and chemical properties. High impact and abrasion resistanceResistors are very flexible and offer multiple connection options.These comprehensive characteristics make it very suitable as a drainage material,It satisfies the needs of building drainage well, and the stable quality ensures the safety of drainage solutions.


SIZE(mm) 50 63 75 90 110

Our Advantage


1. Economical:

 When compared to coventional system, CHUANGRONG siphonic system requires a lesser number of roof outlets and allows a substantial reduction in pipe diamters, in the number of fittings required and the number of downpipes, savings of up to 80% on vertical pipes and from 20% to30% across the entire system.

2.Low groundwork costs:  

Less underground pipework.

3.Space saving:

 The roof outlets are connected to single horizotal collectror pipes that are fitted without fall and the downpipes are positioned anywhere along the building perimeter thus avoiding interference.

4. Low maintenance requirements:

High flow velocities create a self-cleaning enviroment that minimizes system maintenance requirements

5.Eco suitainability:

The ease in directing the pipes to storage thanks makes the collection of rainwater easier for reuse in irrigation systems, fire ponds and tanks for non-potable uses in general.

6.Saving time and labor:

Construciton programs are accelerated due to reduced installation time and less groundwork is required due to the reduced number of embedded pipes.

7.Increased design flexibility:

Complete control over downpipe location and absence of embeded pipes gives increased design flexibility of the siphonic system.





We can supply ISO9001-2008, BV ,SGS, CE etc certification.All kinds of products are regularly conducted pressure-tight blasting test,longitudinal shrinkage rate test, quick stress crack resistance test, tensile test and melt index test, so as to ensure the quality of products totally reach the relevant standards from raw materials to finished products.


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