PN6 75mm 110mm 160mm 250mm HDPE Draining Fittings Siphon Short Tube for Locking

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1. Name: Stopping  short tube

2. Size: 75-250mm

3.  Use: PE drainage fittings

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Product Name: PN6 75mm 110mm 160mm 250mm HDPE Draining Fittings Siphon Short Tube For Locking Application: Drainage,Sewage,Syphon
Port: China Main Port(Ningbo,Shanghai Or As Required) Certificate: ISO9001-2008, BV ,SGS, CE Etc Certification.
Technics: Injection Connection: Buttfusion

Product Description

N6 75mm 110mm 160mm 250mm HDPE Draining Fittings Siphon Short Tube for Locking
CHUANGRONG HDPE siphon pipes provide a one-stop solution for drainage.Contains HDPE siphon pipes, fittings, and metal fittings for fixing HDPE piping systems.Siphon pipes and fittings are Made of high-density polyethylene, it has significant advantages over traditional drainage systems.
CHUANGRONG HDPE siphon pipe system has excellent mechanical properties, physical properties and chemical properties. High impact and abrasion resistance Resistors are very flexible and offer multiple connection options.These comprehensive characteristics make it very suitable as a drainage material, It satisfies the needs of building drainage well, and the stable quality ensures the safety of drainage solutions.Property of Siphon HDPE Pipe System
1.CHUANGRONG High Density Polyethylene HDPE: Density 951 – 955 kg/m3The density of polyethylene can be 910 – 960 kg / m CHUANGRONG fittings and pipes Weighing 955.29 kg / m3, its characteristics not only have durability. And light weight, very convenient for transportation and installation.
2.Reduced reversionReduce shrinkage and improve installation strength. The HDPE replica produced by CHUANGRONG manufacturing process is less than 15mm.
3.Resistance to coldCHUANGRON siphon pipeline has anti-freezing performance. When the water in the pipeline is frozen, ordinary pipeline will freeze and crack, but CHUANGRONG HDPE will not.
4.Welding temperatureThe welding temperature of HDPE is about 230 ° C, which makes welding easier and moreMore reliable than other connection methods. Compared to many other materials, HDPE requires low energy input to produce.
5.Non-toxicHDPE siphon pipes do not contain toxic substances. This material is even very suitable for use as packaging materials and containers in the food industry.
6.Not suitable to Painting.HDPE is not suitable for painting. Its water repellency and flexibility. Materials limit the adhesive properties of coatings.
7.1)System principle:The working principle of the siphon drainage system depends on the special design of the rainwater hopper implement separation, So that the rain is flowing state in theriser, when the rain reached a certain capacity in the riser, siphonage is generated.In the process of rainfall, due to the continuous siphonage, the whole system is able toquickly rule out water from the roof. Butt Fusion Welding and Electrofusion Welding.


SIZE(mm) 50 63 75 90 110 125 160 200 250


Siphonic and Conventional rainwater pipes
Trade waste
Concrete embedded pipes
Industrial applications
Pump pressure pipes



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