PN6 75mm 90mm 110mm 160mm 250mm HDPE Draining Fittings Siphon Tee with SS blind Flange

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1.  Name: Access Tee

2. Size: 50mm,75mm,90mm, 110mm, 125mm, 160mm, 200mm

3. For same floor drainage and siphonic roof rainwater drainage



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Product Name: PN6 75mm 90mm 110mm 160mm 250mm HDPE Draining Fittings Siphon Tee With SS Blind Flange Application: Syphon,Drainage,Sewage
Port: China Main Port(Ningbo,Shanghai Or As Required) Certificate: ISO9001-2008, BV ,SGS, CE Etc Certification.
Technics: Injection Connection: Buttfusion

Product Description

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PN6 75mm 90mm 110mm 160mm 250mm HDPE Draining Fittings Siphon Tee with SS blind Flange
SIZE(mm) 75 90 110 125 160 200 250


1.Easy and fast installation

Siphon fittings can be made in the workshop of large engineering projects. Because there is no pressure, the SDR26 is thick and the piping system is lightweight. The prefabricated system can also be supported on the upper floor.

2.Good fire resistance

CHUANGRONG HDPE drainage system has fire protection effect. Officially certified fire protection sleeve and floor sealing system can prevent fire and smoke from spreading to other floors in a short period of time (within 80-90 minutes).

3.Good mechanical properties, shockproof and flexible

The complete pipeline has high impact resistance even in cold conditions (-40 ° C): to ensure that the pipeline remains intact during the construction phase.

4.Good mechanical properties for easy installation on walls and floors

Laying concrete and ground

The sturdy CHUANGRONG HDPE pipes can be embedded in concrete or laid underground according to static and other recognized technical regulations.

5.Welded joints have good tightness and reliable welding

The welded joint of CHUANGRONG HDPE pipeline has undergone thousands of experiments, and its tightness and firmness have been verified to ensure the safety of the pipeline system.

6.Connection method: butt or electric welding

Whether it is hot-melt or electric-melt, HDPE siphon pipes can be connected together quickly, efficiently and stably. Chengdu Chuangye provides one-stop supply of siphon pipe system products. Includes siphon pipes, fittings, heat and electric welding machines and tools.

7.Good UV resistance

The siphon system products produced by CHUANGRONG contain additives that prevent UV rays. It can be stored outdoors for several months and has good weather resistance.

8.Professional solutions

that are recognized by customers and exceed customer expectations.

Drainage application, one-stop solution for CHUANGRONG siphon pipeline — stable, reliable and efficient.

9.Good chemical resistance

CHUANGRONG HDPE drainage system is suitable for many applications in industry or laboratory. The polyethylene used is resistant to most standard alkalis, acids and chemicals, and hot water up to 80 ° C.


1)Garden project: planting underground garage roof, green roof, soccer fields, golf courses, beach, saline,desert planting.

2)Construction: basement floor level seepage, construction basis of the upper, lower, basement seepage level facades, insulation.

3)Traffic engineering: tunnels, roads, railway embankment, dams, slope protection.

4)Municipal Engineering: Metro, road embankment, landfill

5)Renovation: moisture, noise, vibration, threading.




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