Buttfusion Connection HDPE Drainage Fittings Siphon Y Tee 45 Degree Tee PN6 PE100

Short Description:

1. Name: Y-branch Tee (Slant Tee)

2. Size : 50-315mm

3. PE100 SDR26/PN10

4. HDPE drainage pipe

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Product Name: HDPE Draining Fittings Siphon Y Tee 45 Degree Tee PN6 PE100 Application: Syphon,Drainage,Sewage
Connection: Buttfusion Technics: Injection
Certificate: ISO9001-2008, BV ,SGS, CE Etc Certification. Port: China Main Port(Ningbo,Shanghai Or As Required)

Product Description

HDPE Draining Fittings Siphon Y tee 45 degree tee PN6 PE100


CHUANGRONG HDPE siphon pipes provide a one-stop solution for drainage.System components The complete proven and practical product range consists of:• Pipes• Fittings• Connections• FasteningsSiphon pipes and fittings are made of high-density polyethylene, it has significant advantages over traditional drainage systems.


CHUANGRONG HDPE siphon pipe system has excellent mechanical properties, physical properties and chemical properties. High impact and abrasion resistance Resistors are very flexible and offer multiple connection options.These comprehensive characteristics make it very suitable as a drainage material, It satisfies the needs of building drainage well, and the stable quality ensures the safety of drainage solutions.

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System’s Solution

1.Compared with the traditional gravity drainage system, the siphon drainage system without slope;less material; the construction are greatly reduced; reduction of pipe diameter; save installation space;pipe has self-cleaning function;design, construction is simple and quick;widely applicable to various purposes buildings.

2. Smooth inner wall, and does not change with time, small frictional resistance,save energy, the pressure loss about 30% smaller than the steel tube,can choose smaller than steel pipe diameter. Health performance is good, no additives, no possibility of pollution of drinking water, ISO standard grading polyethylene material level 0 (the lowest), no mildew material, compared with some other commonly used plastic material of polyethylene is much mildew resistance, use for a long time also not fouling.

3. Polyethylene pipe can be welded joint with pipe become an organic whole, without the possibility of joint leakage, water saving, reducing operation cost and maintenance cost examination, pipe can be manufactured in any length, but the flexible layout, saving fittings.

4. PE pipe installation available welding or fused to form a completely closed seepage control system.

5. Light, easy to install, handling, connection, construction is convenient and reliable.

6. Has good flexibility, small can winding pipe, pipe winding along the ditch, can resist formation geological change, can be used as liner repairing old pipeline.

7. Good low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, long life, buried pipeline within to 40 °C and 40 °C.



SIZE(mm) 50*50 56*56 75*50 75*56 75*75 90*50 90*75 90*90 110*50
SIZE(mm) 110*75 110*90 110*110 125*75 125*90 125*110 125*125 160*75 160*90
SIZE(mm) 160*110 160*125 160*160 200*110 200*200 250*110 250*160 250*250 315*315





Manual Butt Welding



The welding palte is especially suitable for welding dimensions up to dn75mm. Due to its light weight it can easily be used on-site

Machine Butt Welding


The butt welding machine media and univrersl are for dimensions for 50-315mm. They are especially suitable for prefabrication off site. The light-weight properties of the system allow specifiers and contractors ot design and build pipe runs away from a construction site.



Electro Welding


The  electrofusion machine are ideal for us on construction site to create a fast, simple and reliable connection. The coupers are dn50-315mm.







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