20 – 315mm PP Compression Fitting PN16 PP Clamp Saddle High Stability

Short Description:

1.  Name:  PP Clamp Saddle

2. Size: dn20X1/2-315X4mm

3. Working pressure: from4-16 bar.

4. Standard: ISO13460

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Detail Information

Head Code: Round Product Name: PP Clamp Saddle
Range: From D20 Up To D315mm Color: Black Or As Requirement
Package: Carton Box Production Capacity: 150000/month
Application For water irrigation
OEM and ODM Acceptable
Material PP
Water pressure testing PN16
Pipe size 20mm,25mm,32mm,40mm,50mm,63mm,75mm,90mm,110mm,125mm,160mm,180mm,200mm,225mm,250mm,315mm
Thread size 1/2″-6″
Medium Water

Product Description

20– 315 mm  PP Compression Tubing Fittings Plastic PN16 Saddle Clamp
The clamp saddle line has been produced from hight quilty raw material and it has resistance to impact. it has been designed for side outputs on Polyetethylene(PE) pipes and it is available in the following range of sizes: Ttem4001/4002/4003/4004 with single or double output. They have diameters for the coupling with DN20mm to 315mm pipes and threaded outputs(1/2'-4"), provided with 2 and 4 bolts according to the diameters.
Part  Material
Body and cover Black mastered polypropylene copolymer,with a high level of stabilization to UV
Gasket Acrilonitrile elastomeric Rubber (NBR)
Reinforcing ring Metal ring for female threads from 1/2" to 2"
Bolts Chromiun-plated galvanized steel screws and nuts
Sanitary Prescriptions
The clamp saddle line is fit for conveying food fluids because its materials are conform to the national and international standard in force
Working pressure
The clamp saddle line allows a maximum working pressure (PN-PFA*)from 4 to 16 bar, at temperature of 20
Reference Standards
Pipes:UNI7990,DIN8074,UNI EN 12201
Threads:UNI ISO7/1,UNI ISO 228/1,ANSI ASME B1-20.1
International standards:ISO 13460


                                                              SIZE                    Photo
Saddle Clamp 20*1/2
Saddle Clamp 25*3/4   5
Saddle Clamp 32*3/4
Saddle Clamp 32*1
Saddle Clamp 50*3/4
Saddle Clamp 50*1
Saddle Clamp 50*1-1/4
Saddle Clamp 63*3/4
Saddle Clamp 63*1
Saddle Clamp 63*1-1/2
Saddle Clamp 75*1-1/2
Saddle Clamp 75*2
Saddle Clamp 90*3/4
Saddle Clamp 90*1
Saddle Clamp 90*1-1/2
Saddle Clamp 90*2
Saddle Clamp 110*3/4
Saddle Clamp 110*1
Saddle Clamp 110*3
Saddle Clamp 125*1
Saddle Clamp 125*1-1/2
Saddle Clamp 125*2
Saddle Clamp 160*1
Saddle Clamp 160*4
Saddle Clamp 200*4
Saddle Clamp 250*1-1/2
Saddle Clamp 250*3
Saddle Clamp 250*4
Saddle Clamp 315*4




It is suitable for construction, electric wire tube, agricultural irrigation, industrial sewage and other projects.
1. Civil and industrial buildings for cold and hot water supply systems, egin residential buildings, hospitals, hotels, schools, office buildings, shipbuilding
2. Drinking water system and food industry pipeline engineering
3. Central air-conditioning system
4. Irrigation system garden and greenhouse
5. Public and sports facilities such as swimming pools and stadiums
6. For rainwater utilization system

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