Why Choose Pipe Repair Clamp ?

Pipe repair clamp is a kind of equipment used for pipe mending. It has the characteristics of flexible connection, strong corrosion resistance, no welding, no fire risk, space saving, unlimited pipe with pressure, sealing and installation, convenient.



Surface/underground engineering, shipbuilding/offshore oil platform, water, gas/natural gas supply, electricity, industrial production, sewage treatment and maintenance and other fields.



1.Universal for any pipe, can be connected with different materials, different axial direction, different diameter pipe, suitable for quick repair.

2.Economic pipe end without treatment, can be connected, thin wall, thick wall pipe, simple installation, greatly reduce the construction cost.

3. The reliability can be compensated for axial displacement and angular deflection, and the rubber ring lip structure can improve the sealing effect with the increase of pressure. According to the use of different environment, the selection of materials are also different.



1. Good compatibility and adaptability: the connector and repair device are widely used in all kinds of metal pipes and composite pipes, which can be used for the same material or different material. The connection between pipes has no high processing requirements on the wall thickness of the connected pipe and the connecting end face.

2. Save pipeline space: installation and disassembly do not need flange type construction of the whole perimeter, only from one side of the bolt lock, so can save up to 50% of the pipeline layout and construction space, which is of great significance for the ship with limited space to reasonably configure the pipeline system. The flexible connection allows two pipe axis error Angle of 10 °, single pipe offset Angle of 6 °, pipe end spacing of 5 ~ 35mm, etc., the loose tolerance range avoids the requirements of high precision assembly, is conducive to the shipbuilding industry to promote the total section construction and "floating raft" vibration isolation noise reduction and other best process structure measures. There are no adverse effects on pipe connectors and patchers  caused by either installation deviation in shipbuilding or ship navigation.

3. Convenient maintenance: when repairing the pipeline, even if there is oil and water in the pipe, because there is no welding and no heating, and no fire, no explosion risk, the application of double clip, open, folding repair device, can be from the outside of all kinds of damaged pipeline, the use of bandaging. 


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Post time: Jul-29-2022

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