Residents of Edwardsville can look forward to repairs to sidewalks, sewers and streets this summer

As part of the city’s annual capital improvement fund repairs, sidewalks that look like this will be replaced soon across the town.
Edwardsville-After the city council approved various infrastructure projects on Tuesday, residents across the city will see upcoming infrastructure projects, and in some cases even in their backyards.
First, people living in parts of Partridge Place, Cloverdale Drive, Scott and Clay streets will be included in some sidewalk removal and replacement plans.
The city approved a spending of $77,499 from the Capital Improvement Fund for this work, which will be carried out by Stutz Excavating, which is the lowest of the three bids. Replacing broken or damaged sidewalks will help reduce the risk of tripping, make the sidewalks easier to cross, comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations, and improve overall pedestrian safety for residents.
Kinney Contractors’ bid was US$92,775, while Keller Construction’s bid was the highest, US$103,765.
Next, the City Council approved $124,759 for Keller Construction Inc. to replace the faulty sewer in the Ebbets Field Subdivision (especially Snider Drive). The only other bid from Kamadulski Excavating and Grading Co. Inc. was US$129,310.
This work will include the removal and replacement of faulty rainwater pipes near Snider Drive.
“About 300 feet of 30-inch high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe failed,” said Eric Williams, director of public works. “It has not completely collapsed, but it has caused enough obstacles to cause water to accumulate in some upstream properties.”
“This will be a challenging job,” Williams said, citing intense and deep working conditions. “We will work in the backyard. This is driving east from Snider Drive along some backyards of Drysdale Court.”
The current sewers have created multiple sinkholes. City Councillor Jack Burns pointed out that HDPE pipes cannot be very old. Williams agreed and said that the failed pipeline had been in use for approximately 16 years. It will be replaced by reinforced concrete pipes.
Finally, the City Council approved a US$18,250 sole source resolution for repairs to the East Schwarz Street section damaged in the RP Lumber Company fire in February.
The city will pay Stutz Excavating, Inc. to remove and replace existing concrete curbs, asphalt and concrete rainwater pipe entrances damaged in the fire.

Post time: Aug-05-2021

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