Installation Method of PE Pipe

The installation operation of PE pipe is very important to the project, so we must be familiar with the detailed steps. Below we will introduce you from the PE pipe connection method, pipe laying, pipe connection and other aspects.
1.Pipe connection methods: There are mainly three types of pipe connection: butt-fusion welding, electro-fusion welding and socket welding.


2.Pipeline laying:The foundation of the water transmission and distribution pipeline should be the original soil layer without sharp hard rock and salt. When the original soil layer has sharp hard rock and salt, fine sand or fine soil should be laid. For sections that may cause uneven settlement of the pipeline, the foundation should be treated or other anti-settlement measures should be taken.


3.Pipeline connection:The pipe connection shall adopt electric-fusion connection (electric fusion socket connection, electric fusion saddle connection) or hot fusion connection (hot fusion socket connection, hot fusion butt connection, hot fusion saddle connection), screw connection and bonding shall not be used . When connecting PE pipes with metal pipes, steel-plastic transition connections must be adopted. After the installation of the piping system is completed, after the visual inspection is qualified, the whole system should be purged in sections. The purging and test medium should be compressed air, and the temperature should not exceed 40°C.


Air tightness test: Use detergent or soap liquid to check whether the joints are leaking. After the inspection is completed, rinse off the leaking detergent or soap liquid in time.
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