HDPE Drainpipe Connection Steps&Characteristics

HDPE drainpipe connection should go through material preparation, cutting, heating, melting butt welding, cooling and other steps, the main characteristics of good physical performance, good corrosion resistance, toughness, flexibility, the following specific introduction to the "HDPE drainpipe connection steps and characteristics".

Procedure For connecting HDPE drainpipes:

1. Material preparation: put the pipe or pipe fittings flat on the docking machine, cutting allowance of 10-20mm.

2. Cutting: the smaller the dislocation, the better. The deviation shall not exceed 10% of wall thickness. Otherwise, the docking quality will be affected.

3. Heating: the butt temperature is generally 210-230℃, the heating time of the heating plate varies from winter to summer, and the melting length of the two ends is 1-2mm.

4. Fusion butt welding: it is the key of welding. Butt welding process should always be carried out under melting pressure, and the width of side rolling should be 2-4mm.

5. Cooling: keep the docking pressure unchanged, let the interface slowly cooling, cooling time is subject to the hand pressing hardness and no heat sensation.

6. Completion of docking: After cooling, loosen the slip, unload the docking machine, and prepare for the next interface connection again.


HDPE drainpipe features:

1. Excellent physical properties
HDPE drainpipe is mainly made of polyethylene, which can ensure the strength of the pipe, but also has flexibility and creep resistance. It has good performance in hot melt connection and is conducive to the installation and construction of the pipe.

2. Corrosion resistance is better
In coastal areas, the underground water level is too high, the land of the humidity is bigger, also adopts the seamless steel tube is easy to rust, and life is short, and polyethylene HDPE pipes are mainly used as the material, resistance to corrosion of chemical substances, without any preservative treatment, also does not promote the growth of algae, this also will be more long service life.

3. Good toughness and flexibility
HDPE pipe has high toughness, and the elongation at break is also relatively large, so for those who extruded uneven settlement and dislocation adaptability is relatively strong, earthquake resistance is also better, so that the pipeline system is stable and reliable.

4. Strong flow ability
Because the pipe wall is smooth and the resistance is relatively small, it can make the water flow fast and the flow is relatively large. Compared with other pipes, the circulation capacity is very strong and the cost can be saved.

5. Convenient construction
HDPE pipe weight is relatively light, handling, installation is more convenient, and the use of hot melt connection sealing is better, very reliable.

6. Good sealing
The welding method can ensure the quality of the interface, realize the integration of the joint and pipe, and the strength and blasting strength of the interface is higher than the pipe itself, safe and reliable.


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